nike free run 5.0 womens mint green Crazy Peak Bos

Peak in recent years engaged in going out strategy, signed a NBA star.

This is from Xu Zhihua micro-blog on the screenshots, though cradling a baby looks very warm.

com / npicture / 2011 / 121 / U5555P6DT20110121125853.

But it cant stop a bosss domineering leakage.

Peak of the players really ought to rejoice, you can stand such a good boss.

Beijing on January 21st news, what the bosss domineering? What kind of boss let players most comfortable? Just have a look peak CEO, comrade Xu Zhihua.

, Ive decided, if peak signing players for personality and passion, and blown T, I will pay for the these fines, the season is effective.

Xu Zhihua micro-blog text: peak signed the contract with Artest, for his personality, now became so tame, with a passion for pessimism, be mistaken for the referee to speak, on the pitch is also more and more no longer strong, I really pity for him, we will not let NBA sportsmanship so.

But NBA Commissioner David Stern tragedy, their implementation all black nike free run of zero tolerance policy, was a lot of mint green nike free run 3 players and the boss of the opposition.

Because of this policy, as Xu Zhihua said, significantly nike free run 3.0 suppressed the players personality and passion.

Why? Because yesterday in his own micro-blog said: as long as it is the peak signing players, because if the display of personality and passion are blowing T, he will pay.

Peak boss Xu Zhihua micro-blog screenshot

NBAs crazy boss Cuban to his nike free run 3.0 womens players very generous, especially for their players.

A boss can nike free 5.0 mens be so arrogant and peak current strength, as well as their NBA strategy is.

This includes Ron Artest as a champion, and Kevin Loew was angry Nova and Sean Battier - well known players.

Xu nike free run 5.0 mint green Zhihua has to all black free runs 2 do this kind of behavior, China Cuban morale.

Now even the distant Chinese boss to indulge his players against this policy, is really not mint nike free runs enjoy popular support!

Sean - Battier, Carle - Landry, Jason - Richardson, nike free run 2 mens Jason - Kidd, Michael - Pietrus, Kevin Loew, Darrel Wright, Sasha Vujacic, Javier Mcgee, Kell Lowry, Rasul, Gordon - Hayward - Butler, Dominic - Jones, Patrick - Paterson, Benno - udrih.

half off nike free runs The following is the peak signed NBA players, the team was very strong

So much to popularize strength, let the peak popularity in foreign countries also started up.

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